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Welcome to the Art of Sexual Reflexology


Once lovers have tasted the nectar of previously unknown pleasures stirred up from deep within with reflexology, there is simply no going back to the way it was before. Masterfully nibbling, licking, or stroking certain "parts" of their lover's body to arouse other parts. Stimulating these reflex spots or "HOT BUTTONS”, electromagnetically communicates directly with the brain, which instantaneously communicates to the sexual genitals, all via the nervous system. At a speed faster than the blink of an eye. Affecting your heart rhythm, your breath rate, your body temperature as well as other physiological components of the macrocosm. All within nanoseconds. This reflex action is the basis of the Art of Reflexology.

There is a mini “me”, a microcosm, of your macrocosm, the big “me”, found on our face, our ears, our hands and our feet. Mapping out exactly where to find the Hot Buttons and the techniques to work them will be shown in upcoming audio/video newsletters.

Manipulating these microcosms for your sexual advantage is the Art of Sexual Reflexology. Mastering the tips and techniques for the “Hot Buttons” found on your partner’s face, their ears, their hands and/or their feet can send your lover through the roof in deliriously sensuous sexual pleasure, long before any sexual contact actually takes place. Without even the need to fondle genitalia, you can escalate arousal within your self and your partner, with this new art form. 

We are covered with these reflexes from head to toe. It's not complicated. In fact many of us already easily use reflexology to our own sexual advantage, without even realizing it! The lips for example, covet sexual organ reflexes; the tip of nose holds your heart reflex; the ears have a calming/exciting point that is lovingly caressed from the time we are wee babies, into old age. Awareness of these “hot buttons” reflexes and how to use them, however, can turn your love world around 360° from ordinary!

Teaching your partner your “secret moves” and putting these "moves" into practice enables couples to transform their undesired, same old, dry sex life culminating in an hohum “orgasm”….  into a juicy, passionate lovemaking adventure, climaxing together into a long blissful Sacred !!!ORGASM!!! Connecting to Source as ONE.

Activating these "hot buttons" not only enhances your personal sex and love life, but it also allows you to FEEL the LOVE contained in every cell of your body, heart and soul in the process, not just in the genitals. Sexual Reflexology's simple maneuvers have helped clients cross barriers of all sort regardless of health, gender, race, or age and to plant seeds of love vibrations in their relationship as a result. Growing these love vibrations is what ripples out into eternity.

My name is Michelle Robert Smith and as the creator of Sexual Reflexology dot com I’d like to warmly welcome you to a wonderful new adventure discovering sublime sensual sexual senses that you may have never known even existed before learning of the Sacred Geometry of Lovemaking.

Sexual Reflexology will be exposing ancient secrets to you, those once reserved only for the enjoyment of the Gods and High Priests. To shift the balance of sexual energy to a healthier place for all, the world needs a good fix of the feminine, sensuous delicate side of loving. Learning to be more spontaneous, wild and sexy is what you’ll explore with Sexual Reflexology

Expand your love quotient and embark on this wonderful new adventure with me as we explore sensuality from a whole different dimension. We are Sacred Sexual Vessels with all sort of sexual reflex buttons all over our hands, feet, face and ears that are there to enhance our enjoyment of each other. They serve to expand our connection to one another, consciously, and help heal the division that has been so prevalent in our world, into Sacred Union. Oneness. Harmony. BLISS!

Sign up for Sexual Reflexology’s Newsletter and grow the BLISS movement with us! You’ll be getting weekly tips and techniques on things like “Hot Buttons” and how to work out problem areas to enhance the sensuousness of your sexual experiences. 

Love wildly,

Live passionately,

And get on top of your sex life,



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  1. Thanks for creating this webpage which i understand will resume for us the HOT BUTTONS !!!! oh yeah !!!
    I just register to get the newsletter 😉
    Keep on Michelle !
    We are bless to have you and your devotion for reflexology, as for mixing your knowledge to enhance our sexual conciousness.
    Thank you

  2. how do I register for newsletter? Don’t see block.
    Sounds wonderful.

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