Welcome Sexual Adventurers,

My name is Michelle Robert Smith and as the creator of Sexual Reflexology dot com, and I’d like to invite you to plunge into an adventure discovering the sensual senses you never knew existed.

In my 17 years of practice as a Reflexologist, I have witnessed many clients overcome obstacles to sexual enjoyment. It is also not unusual for clients to confide in me that they felt more enjoyment and deep pleasure from a Reflexology Session than they did from sex!

Knowing the richness in lovemaking they would enjoy with a little Reflexology added to the mix, they gladly enlisted me to coach them on how to maneuver the sexual hot buttons we all have, from head to toe. Putting these “maneuvers” into practice, couples were able to transform their sex life from lovemaking culminating in an hohum“orgasm” to an !!!ORGASM!!! forever. Simply by mastering the tips and techniques they had learned to use on their partner’s face, their ears, their hands and their feet. Activating these “hot buttons” not only enhances your personal sex and love life, but it also allows you to FEEL the LOVE contained in every cell of your body, heart and soul in the process, not just in the genitals. These simple maneuvers helped clients cross barriers of all sort regardless of health, gender, race, or age and plant love vibrations in their relationship as a result. These love vibrations ripple out into eternity.

One day, recently, it suddenly dawned on me that this is something everyone should know about, not only my clients. Especially with all the bad sex vibes out there now, that have placed a cloud over the act of lovemaking and turned it upside down with stories of child and sex slave rings run by preachers, teachers and politicians making the news somewhere in the world, almost daily. Sexuality, as it is portrayed in the world, has been mostly male dominated, created by men, for men’s pleasure. Patterned after what’s been programmed as sexual behaviour by society and by the entertainment/porn industry, many are  hooked on external stimuli or gizmos and gadgets to help satisfy their sexual needs. The thing is, we have all sorts of wonderful gizmos and gadgets built right into our body, that have been hidden from us for far too long.

That day, I received a huge NUDGE. It felt sort of like when my mother would holler MOVE, where you did not stop to question anything, you just moved out of the way, and fast. It was around noon on Feb 18 2018 when I felt the NUDGE and the next thing I knew, I had searched for www.sexualreflexology.com and found the domain was available, bought it and immediately began setting it up on my server. Within 2 hours of getting the nudge, Sexual Reflexology came to life. Just like that. I danced around in glee at the Sexual BLISS it would bring the world…

Then it hit me…. I froze – what had I just done????

I began to freak out!! I had done all of this on auto pilot or something, without thinking, without planning, without forethought, without doing the things I would have always done PRIOR to making any MOVE at all. Things like casting a chart or 100, checking the numbers, dowsing it to death, reviewing previous forecasts, I did none of that – I just did it!

Then I chuckled to myself when I remembered what my astrologer had mentioned to me, on more than one occasion, that all I needed to do to share my gift with the world, was to get out of my own way and let Spirit guide me on my Soul Path. Spirit had done it!

In a moment of uncertainty, I almost deleted the whole notion from existence. Then I remembered something else, I remembered all those who’s love life was forever transformed, those who ranted and raved to me about their amazing new sex life thanks to Reflexology. Sure, I could continue to teach one at a time, in private practice OR follow my hunch and go public with all of the hot spots and teach many! The world needs LOVE more than anything right now, I reminded myself. So, I carried on with the administrative parts of setting up my new website.

I sensed an urgency to get my message out but there is a lot of work that needed to be done to make it happen. Was this the area of Reflexology that I should move forward with this spring? A million questions raced through my mind. I began doing all of the research, casting all of the charts and graphs and analysis of the perfect time to deliver this message. The answer that i received is that it is needed NOW! Venus and the Moon and the Sun and all of the planets were all lined up for it to happen! Now all I needed was the courage to carry on to expose a side of life that is usually taboo and/or X Rated, for what it truly is, luscious, sensuous awakening to untold of sexual pleasures.

I next began researching other authors of sexual reflexology texts to see the trends out there. To my astonishment, all I found was one book, written by men, and also found a bit of smut, but I did not find any reference anywhere to books authored by women on Sexual Reflexology. Aquarius, my sign, is always years ahead of the game, so this was not surprising, though daunting. Aquarius may be slow starters through the gate but we seldom deviate from our humanitarian cause, for the good of all, harming none.

The wheels had been set in motion and I touched ground with it when I bounced my Soul move off my son. He encouragingly agreed that the world could certainly benefit from learning healthy positive ways to relate with one another and lovingly wished me well with it. Telling him anchored it in this reality for me.

I flew off with it only after I bounced it off my Angels and guides. They had delivered 2 white feathers, one at a time, over several days, so I was paying attention to the messages I was getting. The third white feather arrived shortly after I launched the web site, and it sealed the deal. Now it’s time to tell you!

Sexual Reflexology will be exposing ancient secrets to you, those once reserved only for the enjoyment of the Gods and High Priests. To help to shift the balance of sexual energy to a healthier place for all, the world needs a good fix of the feminine, sensuous side of lovemaking and that is what you’ll explore with Sexual Reflexology

We are all ready for this new way of sensually loving and expressing ourselves. Right?

If you want to expand your love quotient I invite you to embark on a wonderful new adventure with me as we explore sensuality from a whole different dimension. In contrast to the unsatisfying mechanical sex portrayed in the world today, with Sexual Reflexology, you learn to refer to your Temple as connecting with your lover’s Temple, coming into Sacred Union.

We are Sacred Sexual Vessels with all sort of sexual reflex buttons all over our hands, feet, face and ears that are there to enhance our enjoyment of each other, expand our connection to one another, consciously, and help heal the division that has been so prevalent in our world, into Sacred Union. Oneness. Harmony. BLISS!

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